I Can Cry

I’ve mentioned on my blog two different times about two different experiences I’ve had. In both of these experiences, two people told me I had to learn to cry again. Two different people on two different occasions.

Of all the things these people could pray over my life, it was about crying? I mean, sure, it was true. I couldn’t cry. I seriously could not cry unless I was in severe pain or had just experienced a breakup, both of these being incredibly rare moments in my life. These were the two most severe things I could cry about. Although really intense music has also been known to make me tear up a little bit. I remember wanting to watch a live performance of Yellowcard’s song Only One over and over again just to stimulate some emotion.

And I’ve prayed many times before, “God why can’t I cry?”

But of all the prayers I would have thought He would answer, that was probably the last one. And so it was odd that these two people had told me I had to learn to cry again, because it wasn’t constantly on my mind and I felt that there were more urgent things that needed attending to, but that was what I heard from these two different people on two different occasions.

And I’ve come to realize that as of late (and since these prayers were prayed over me), I have been moved to teary eyes and actual tears during messages and other things. I hear a great testimony or of God’s love and my eyes express themselves. It’s new to me. And I still have a ways to go, as I am sure I could cry more as weird as that may sound (even though i have found myself tearing up about some of the dumbest things).

I realized that this is my first fulfilled prophecy. I almost didn’t really even believe these people when they prayed it over me. I mean, I did, but given enough time I would have probably cast it off as a coincidence.

But it isn’t.

God is restoring my emotion and I am glad :)

I know others who have had the same problem and so if you came across this post because you were wondering why you can’t cry, take my testimony as your own and believe that God can restore you in this problem. I know the intense pain that comes in not being able to express yourself this way. God cares about the little things and I just ask Him now to restore your ability to cry in Jesus Name.


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