Worry Amidst the Miracle Man

There are so many times where we stand in the presence of Jesus and ramble on about our problems, which are so tiny in the eyes of Heaven. God has demonstrated His power time and time again and we’ve seen it, but due to the circumstances of the moment, we completely forget.

That’s what happened to the disciples in Mark 8. Jesus had just got done multiplying bread and fish so that he could feed 4,000 people! And now the disciples are in their boat when they realize that they forgot to bring bread! Oh no! Whatever will they do!

Their standing on a boat in the presence of Jesus, and their flipping out about a problem they just saw solved through a miracle. On top of that, the Miracle Man Himself is on the boat and must be upset at their disbelief. And just to make their worries all the more unreasonable, Jesus had supernaturally fed 5,000 people two chapters ago in Mark 6.

Yet despite the fact that Jesus has fed 9,000 people out of thin air, their present worries cause them to believe that the 12 of them are going to starve.

Let’s face it, it’s a ridiculous fear. But we do it too. And so let’s put our trust in Jesus and knowthat He does care, even about the tiniest things, and will take care of us.


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