Healed for a Time

We were getting ready to go out on stage to lead worship for tonight’s chapel and I looked at Rico and said:

“Dude, can you pray for my voice?”

He jumped right on it. See, I’ve been suffering from what I thought was allergies, but I’m starting to think it’s a bit more. Bronchitis or something maybe? Whatever it is, it had me coughing hard enough that I finally understood why the doctor always said “turn your head and cough.”

Men, you catch my drift.

There was no way I was going to be able to sing. Every time I opened my mouth, I had to cough from breathing to sharply. And if you’ve heard me on the radio lately, you may have notice that yourself!

But he prayed quickly for me and we ran out on stage and I found myself healed enough to keep a tune! I could actually reach notes and be able to sing out without coughing every other word. It didn’t even occur to me until the end of the first song.

“RICO!” I yelled across the loud monitors. “I CAN ACTUALLY SING!”

He smiled and continued to play on. It’s kind of funny too, because one of the only people I’ve had someone healed from my prayers was Rico. In fact, I remember writing that down in this here blog. We must have some kind of exclusive healing connection.

Either way, I was happy to be able to healed enough to sing for a time, and I’ll continue to battle out whatever this is that I have. I was also happy to be prayed for more healing from my buddy Eric and just blessed by him in general.

And if you want some practice, pray for one of our Spring Arbor Students right now. I believe I heard he has some kind of chronic heart disease and he was just carried away by an ambulance a little bit ago. Be praying for him and know that God is bigger than any kind of sickness you can even imagine.


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