The Lady at the Table

Stefan and I sat down at the table to eat his snack/dinner. Let me see if I can explain this festival food. Basically, if you peeled an entire potato, threw it into a deep fryer, covered the result in bacon, sour cream and ketchup, you’d be left with this giant chip of awesomeness.

But alas, I am not here to talk to you about food.

A few minutes into our dinner a woman came to our table and asked if she could sit there. Of course we said yes and I continued to search through my Sweetwater magazine in hopes to find some kind of vocal foot pedal so I don’t have to keep singing into headphones (as cool as that is). She sat there with her earbuds in,  looking through her Bible, taking some notes while she read.

Later, the Grzyb twins made their way over to the table with some normal cheeseburgers. The poor guys weren’t able to find the delicious breaded burger I had eaten earlier. Let me see if I can explain this festival food. Basically, if you breaded a burger in the same way you breaded a chicken strip, stuffed the inside of it with liquid cheese, and then threw it into a deep fryer, and then covered the result with a sesame seedless bun, you’d be left with this greasy deep-fried awesomeness.

But alas, this is not about food.

I pulled my iPad out of my bag and Stefan instantly wanted to steal it from me to play some stupid gears game or my awesome Splodes game. It was at this point that I finally struck up some conversation with the stranger.

“Is the iPad good?”


Except I didn’t just say yes. Instead I went into this giant spiel that I’ve given so many times that Apple should consider paying me to be a walking advertisement.

But alas, this is not about the amazingly wonderfully awesome iPad that you should totally buy at this webpage or your local mac store.

We somehow got on the topic of the band Jesus Culture and she said “I just discovered them. They’re so anointed.”

Anointed? I sense a charismatic person! Here I am at Ichthus festival with tons of youngin’s running around everywhere, and I think I may have found one of the only charismatics on the fairgrounds!

Which reminds me of my last tangent. I think I’m getting old. I found myself wanting to sit down, bones aching, and thinking the music’s too loud. This is scary news…

But alas, this is not about my body aging, as awesome as my body might be.

From that point, we all engaged in conversation and she begins to share story after story about how she has been able to walk up to strangers and speak specifically into their lives because God is telling her what to say. They were amazing stories, as was her testimony. It was all very encouraging and I feel like maybe God set that up for a bit of refreshment for me.

She hit especially on the importance of fasting to learn to hear God’s voice. She explained how it’s denying your flesh so much that you begin to rely on God so much more. I was reminded of a teacher who spoke about how he fasted once every week, which sounds, ironically, very appetizing. Granted it’s not easy at all, perhaps we should all consider the importance of it. Especially since hardly anyone ever talks about fasting anymore.

She also mentioned the importance of small groups. Wesley would be proud.

And Jamin would be suddenly ending his blog post so he doesn’t have to think of some witty conclusion. Or is that what this is? Let’s ask Mr. Owl. Three licks to get to the middle of a tootsie-roll-pop? Very well Mr. Owl. I believe you.


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