The Holy Spirit Visits Chapel

It’s not as though it’s the first time it has happened or anything like that. I mean sure, the Spirit is always with us and where two or two thousand are, there He is in the midst of us and whatnot. It’s just that there was something more to this particular chapel. An increased presence of God if you will.

I’m just saying, this being my fifth year and all, I have never seen more hands raised or heard such loud voices throughout an entire chapel worship service. This one was different. So different that I just wanted to stand away from my keyboard and listen to the pure vocals of student worship.

People were offering themselves in worship in such a real way that I had to pull out my video camera and record it:

There’s much more worship I caught on tape, including the Spirit moving in our worship leader. God just moved her to an intense moment of tears and she let it all out right there on stage.

You’ll also notice that there’s more going on in the video above. I had to lead worship at SAU’s Awaken tonight and I thought I’d include some of the spontaneous worship that happened as Taylor backed me up on keys. Even Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church backed me up by speaking! Well kind of… I actually just sampled one of my favorite parts from his podcast as we moved into How He Loves. You should take a listen to it at the end of the video. It’s so good.

Kris Vallotton’s sample is taken from the last 4 minutes of his message Called to Glory off of his podcast Best of Kris Vallotton.


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