“That’s You”

As I entered the gates of that dirty prison, I became very aware of my surroundings. The ground was brown and muddy and there was little if no life growing from it. Behind me was an old grey fence that kept prisoners from escaping and in front of me was a grey brick wall that appeared to be fashioned out of medieval times. It was almost like a castle that had no roof.

There were tunnels at the front of the castle wall, blocked off by metal poles, making sure once again that no one could escape. But in all honesty, I didn’t really feel that it would bet that difficult to get away with an escape. In fact, it seemed so easy to break out of this prison that a teacher of mine and I created a plan to free some of the captives. Specifically, the children.

Yes, there were children in this prison for some reason. I imagine they were born there, which implies, of course, that there were many parents inside the castle walls. In fact, there was entire city of people inside the walls. Some seemed as though they belonged there for a reason while others seemed as though they didn’t.

When the time came to launch our plan, my teacher and I began to break people out of the prison, which was really rather simple. The hardest part was breaking in to get involved in the people’s lives. The easy part was getting them out. Seriously. All of the children and parents jumped formed a line and hurried themselves right out the front door.

Sometime after our escape, I was approached by one adult who pointed at the stars and said, “That’s you.”

I laughed it off, as though the statement had made any sense at all. As time went on, I found myself in a cornfield talking to a mother and her son who was probably about five or six years old. But then I had realized someone across a field had called the mother for help and so I pointed in the right direction. She took off to meet up with that person in a rather urgent manner and I found myself keeping the child busy.

We laid down in the field and stared at the stars when the boy pointed at a star and said, “That’s you.”

Instantly, I remembered what that adult had told me earlier.

“Why do people keep saying that?” I asked the child.

“Because you’re from another land,” he answered.

At that exact moment I was awoken by the most annoying ringtone. Confused and annoyed, I jotted down a few notes from the dream and got ready to give my message at CAV in a few hours

A possible interpretation came to me while we were praying for the service. The idea was that I was from a totally different place than those in the dream. Or as the young boy said, “from another land.”

I was from the Kingdom of Heaven. A place so different and so far removed from what we call earth, that it’s an entirely different place. It’s as far removed from the earth as the stars themselves. And when I live out of that place, I find myself ready and willing to free the captives who want it so badly. And on top of that, it’s quite easy. I offer them a life that they’ve never known or seen, but want so badly. And it’s so obvious to them that they can make the connection. They want Jesus. They want what I have: to live in that other land.

I speak in reference to the dream. I have a long way to go before I look like that, but I want to start right now to get there. We need to live outside of our own capacity to love in order to look more like God.


There were a few parts in this dream that didn’t seem to belong and so I left them out. But altogether I think that God gave me this dream and I hope it has brought revelation to you as well.


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