Getting DeathSpanked

I have plenty of stories of people who freaked out about something little  and took the chance to make sure that someone on the receiving end understood their frustration. It’s uncomfortable for everyone around. You want to make it stop, but the situation has already entered Hulk mode and there’s little going back.

  • All they wanted was a soft taco without lettuce!
  • All they wanted was to make sure you understood how much they disagreed with your opinion!
  • All they wanted was to let the ref know that they didn’t know how to make calls!
  • All they wanted was to make sure you knew your Youtube video was the dumbest thing they had ever seen and that 30 precious seconds of their life had been wasted!

They erupt. They explode. They become a person that you don’t want to be around (as well as a person that they don’t want to be around). We all know these people. In fact, we all have probably been these people! If not externally then at least internally, right?

That was my situation awhile back. I had spent hours in my room (a problem in itself) playing the weirdest video game known as DeathSpank 2!

Now this game is actually pretty hilarious. You’re a rather humorous “hero to the downtrodden” who is bringing justice to the world. You need to find the thongs of virtue that were given to other heroes who ended up being corrupted by their awesome power.

Awkward? Yes. But nothing in this game is meant to be taken seriously (except, of course, DeathSpank’s awesomeness).

Well, after playing this game for hours, I finally arrived at the North Pole, which was the place where I had to get the final thong of virtue from Santa (see, I told you this game was weird). I had beaten every single side mission up to this point and I was finally about to finish the game.

And then came the Roodolph glitch. I was so close to beating this game when I became one of the few people who experienced the pain of this irreversible glitch. After you destroy Roodolph (who is also evil by the way), he is supposed to drop an item for you to pick up. It is the mighty ear muffs that block off Santa’s supersonic sound! Or something like that…

But Roodolph didn’t drop it. Nor did he respawn. I was left with a glitch I couldn’t fix and I was pretty mad about it. And so, naturally, I did some googling to figure out what I could about this situation, when I was confronted by a post on a message board that showed me the ridiculous potential of what I could become:


If you have been a victim of this unjust crime by Hothead games, and have purchased the game for XBLA or PSN and were unable to complete the game they paid for. Please do not let the go and let all developers know that if they do not give issues like this priority, we will organize and stand up.

Please go to this page, sign the page, and at least provide your email to the author if you do not want to make it public, so I can form a mailing list, so we can organize and really make a dent, next time this company releases a product. Even if we were to delay our purchases for a week or two next release, trust me, they will learn they can’t take advantage of their customers.


We boil, we fester, and eventually we erupt after trying to tame the flame long enough. In some situations we need to confront others about the pain we feel.

But in little situations like these, I think we just need to learn to shut up. We are far too good are voicing every single opinion and thought that we have – ESPECIALLY online where we can hide our face behind the angry bold text we type. We need to learn to understand what is important to say and what isn’t and perhaps more importantly, we need to learn to not get so upset at every little thing that happens. Myself included.


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