The Brothers Dream

I just woke up from a rather startling dream. It was a fairly lengthy dream and I’m not even sure much of it was from God. The ending however was completely different from everything else and for about five seconds it felt as though God was trying to tell me something. As though he stepped into a dream last minute to deliver a message.

I’m reading Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels right now and in it he writes of a story of two young brothers. One of the boys got mad and punched the other one and then jumped on top of him and started to beat him up.

For a second I was in this situation in the dream. It was kind of weird (as dreams tend to be) but the two boys were just heads and were getting along quite fine. They needed each other and were very friendly. But then somehow the angry brother fell on top of the other one.

In that moment the two had their bodies back and the boy on the bottom began to worry, remembering how this situation had ended in the past. Though there was no reason for it to happen, he was afraid the other was going to beat him. And even more oddly, the boy on top of him remembered that he used to be so angry and do such things. Out of habit alone he lifted his hand and turned it into a fist, ready to punch the living daylights out of his brother.

At that very moment I heard God say a very loud “STOP.” It’s volume didn’t match the rest of the dream, it nearly seemed audible, as though it reached out of the dream itself. And if I remember right, the face of the kid who had raised his fist began to decay.

I woke up right then startled by it all and my body felt rather odd for a second.

If I were to offer any thoughts as to if this meant anything, I would say that I think God was trying to say living by flesh and habits lead to death. Remember, the two kids were getting along just fine, until they rolled on top of each other and remembered that moment. The kid had no reason to punch his brother in the dream, but out of habit (and I believe with a rather confused look on his face) he rose his fist to deliver the punch for absolutely no reason other than habit.

I need to STOP. We need to STOP.

Flesh a very confusing and addictive thing. When we live in it, we live in our old self which was killed when Christ purged us from it. Not only do we need to STOP, but we can and will. Even when it seems so addictive that we feel hopeless. Christ is a restorer and offers redemption afresh every moment.

I tell ya man, I was so startled by this dream that when I went to the bathroom, I freaked out when I saw a skateboard in the hallway. I know, scary, right? That’s grounds to make fun of me right there.

(NOTE TO SELF: I feel like I remember thinking during the dream we were somehow in heaven and that there could not be any fighting there like that, which still fits my final understanding.)


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