Mythical Creatures

I know my posts haven’t been all that deep lately and that they’ve been kind of been short and to the post, but hey, maybe you prefer that!

Either way, I had found an article online today that I’ve been referencing on Mornings@Home for the past hour and I really find it fascinating. There’s just something about seeing creatures I don’t typically see that really awes me.

Last time I went to the zoo there weren’t many animals out because it was the winter. But that’s okay, because I got engaged instead. :D

The time before that however, I was continually awed by each animal. Not just because they were cool looking or whatever, but because I was just hit God’s glory in nature. I saw how great, how awesome, and how intelligent He is. If you haven’t been the zoo in awhile, take a trip when it warms up and see if it affects you the same way!

Anyways, you’re probably wondering what this all has to do with mythical creatures. Well, I thought I’d direct you to this article I was reading that was fascinating me with no zoo attached. It’s about a few mythical creatures that actually ended up being real. Check it out here.

Love Birds


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