There’s something about campfires that seems to really cause people to talk. Dudes get deep with each other. People spend time reflecting on their lives and on God. It just makes for a great time all together.

That’s how I spent my evening. Some of us from church got together to work on a little community garden in downtown Jackson. The weather has been looking up so we were able to pull out some weeds and till some soil, and in the end roast some hot dogs using some kind of thing that is actually supposed to fence in tomatoes.

I was caught off guard too. One man came by and gave us an entire Pizza Hut pizza. He told us that he was in the area taking some classes due to some domestic violence he was in trouble for. So I don’t know, maybe giving away the pizza was part of a class, but he had great character and was genuine either way about the pizza. He told us that he was now a less angry person and that the classes had been helping. We invited him to join us and have a hot dog but he had to be on his way.

In that moment I was ministered to. I don’t know if he was a Christian or not, but he showed me Christ in a way that I long to show to others.

And then there was the campfire. Half an hour later after everyone had left, a friend and I finally extinguished it.


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