The Good Book Comes to Life

I had a rather strange dream this morning. There was a painting of a girl on a cover of an old book and I somehow provoked her to life. It was as though I knew she could actually come out of book and live. I also had the recollection in this dream that I had made her do it before and could do it again.

So with a few friends around me, I decided to provoke her back life since she had turned back into a simple book cover. As I encouraged her, her eyes started to move a little bit. And then, very, very slowly she began to move little by little. Eventually she could walk and was actually alive. Everyone was amazed and one of my friends asked me if I was shocked the first time it had happened. I think I tried to make it sound like I wasn’t, but of course, I was.

Was this a dream from God?

Uh… I really don’t know. But I believe I still gained some revelation from it!

I woke up and decided to pray a weird prayer over my Bible. I wanted to provoke it to life. I know the Holy Spirit illuminates Scriptures to us, but I wanted it to be as full of life as it possibly could! (Secretly I wanted it to grow arms and legs and run around my room.)

I want to not take my Bible for granted, but have it be so full of life that I’m constantly caught off guard. And so I pray that God would make my Bible full of life in my studies, readings, and understanding.


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