Healed of Cancer

A few weeks back we had the entire chapel pray over a young girl on our campus who had just received word that she might have cancer. A thousand or more people gathered around, placing hands on each other, all ultimately connecting to her.

After that chapel service she went to the doctor’s and was given the news that she did, in fact, have cancer. And once again, the student body laid hands on her and prayed.

This was a bit of a desperate moment for me. See, I believe in God’s supernatural gift of healing and I’ve been privileged several times to see it happen right on the spot. Someone lays hands; someone prays; and BAM!

Their sickness is gone.

But it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a physical healing happen – a good while actually. And in all honesty I’ve grown somewhat weary of praying for healing for others. See, when someone tells me they’re sick, I almost always feel called to pray for them right there on the spot and there have been many times that I’ve answered and done so. If God can move in that moment, I want to give Him that moment!

There have been several awkward situations because of it. Some give me confused faces. Some refuse my offer for prayer. Some just think I’m this crazy person (which I guess I kind of am). And so I’ve lost a lot of authority in my healing prayers because of the lack of response I’ve seen over the past few months. It’s hard to tell people that God heals and that you’ve seen it when God doesn’t do it in that moment.

But again, I’ve been privileged to see that God does heal! So I press forward, praying for as many as I can work up the nerve to ask.

And today God has rejuvenated my spirit. I walked into chapel bringing “a sacrifice of praise.” In other words, if I was going to truly worship God, it was going to take more effort compared to those days where it just pours out of you freely. I was having an off morning and on top of that I was very tired and felt as though I had fallen asleep while doing a headstand.

Seriously! My neck is killing me!

But that’s not important. What is important, is that our chaplain was given an update on our cancer patient’s condition this morning:

The girl had gotten a full body scan and there was no trace of cancer!

The chapel broke out with the loudest, longest applause I’ve ever heard it give and in a matter of seconds there was a standing ovation for God’s amazing power! My heart broke and my eyes began to tear up.

Not only had I just witnessed a healing, but I also had the privilege of sharing the experience with over a thousand other people who could testify that it was true!

Not only had I just witnessed a healing, but it was a healing for CANCER – not just any sickness. It was the healing of a devastating disease we don’t have the cure for.

The LORD is good and His lovingkindness goes on forever.


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