Obviously Overwhelmed

Due to her flight being cancelled, the service was moved back half an hour as she would be arriving late on a different plane. And then, worship was extended when she still hadn’t arrived.

Finally, she had landed and made her way into the building.

She walked onto the stage, fell to her knees and encouraged everyone to continue in worship with her—even after a long plane ride in which she most would have been jet lagged and exhausted from. A few spontaneous, tongue-filled moments later of acapella worship, she began to speak. Her heart was obviously overwhelmed by God. This lady was on fire for God and her ministry in Mozambique was incredibly fruitful.

And she talked to us like we were children, which typically annoys me, but in this case I was just in awe. It was God’s love that made her who she was and it was that same love that caused her to speak the way she did.

In fact, she was so overwhelmed with God that she made the statement that, “The only way to go was to be martyred or taken up.”

Now that really hit me. I had never heard anyone wish to die a martyr’s death. I had never met anyone that fearless—that overwhelmed by God.

I found myself convicted in that service and unwilling to go home the same way I came in. I decided that when I got back I was going to change the world. I was going to show everyone the love of Jesus just as she had.

I can’t be the same.
I won’t be the same.
I hope to become so overwhelmed by God that it become obvious to everyone.

I’m going to be that weird person.

So… fair warning ;)


3 thoughts on “Obviously Overwhelmed

  1. A laudable goal … I once questioned some friends who spent a great deal of money on T-shirts proclaiming their beliefs. I told them our love for Jesus ought to be so visible as to not NEED to wear identifying T-shirts. The love of God ought to be written all over our faces … and visible in every word and deed. A goal …
    Thanks for sharing!

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