You Really Want to Hear God’s Will?

I was up front responding to an extreme altar call when it happened. It was a call to lay down your life as a sacrifice to Christ, and this time it wasn’t just a simple “walk to the front and give your life,” kind of altar call. This time it was a literal dying-to-self being offered by a man who lives out his Christianity in the danger of his own life. He, like the other speakers at the conference, didn’t care what happened to him, he just wanted to live for Christ in all he did.

And so there I was, lying myself down when the speaker called out a prophetic word:

“There’s someone in here named Amber and you’re going to Sudan.”

My heart sunk.

Sure my name’s not Amber, but I came up front to give my life and be obedient to the call of God. What if that word had been for me? “Jamin, you’re going to Sudan.”

“Jonah, you’re going to Nineveh.”

My reply would have been like the girl who was weeping in front of me. “No, no, no! Please God, no! I don’t want to!” I don’t know if that was Amber or not, but she was echoing the reality of my heart.

All this time I’ve been crying out to hear the will of God for my life and then I hear it on someone else’s life and my heart sinks. I want to be obedient. I want to be extreme. And so I pray for a fearless heart and a strength that makes no sense. I sacrificed my life at that altar, and I plan to live for God in every way possible.

Lord, help us be sensitive to your heart so that we may live out of it.


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