The Divine Mercy

While I was in Chicago I came across a painting of Jesus in several different places. Now I’m not typically provoked to think too much about these Catholic portraits, but in this case, I was somewhat mesmerized. There was something appealing about it. I wasn’t sure what it meant, but it grasped my attention more than most Jesus pictures do.

In this particular picture, Jesus was holding his hand to his chest and two lights were coming out of it. I assumed that these lights represented God the Father and the Holy Spirit, but I wasn’t sure.

This drawing popped back into my head today after ordering some pretty hilarious posters from one of my favorite games:

I think I’ve mentioned that I like video games once before or something… But as to how I got from ridiculous video games about robots to a beautiful Catholic picture of Jesus, I don’t know.

Actually, I do. I wanted one of these Jesus’ pictures for my office. So I did some googling and managed to find it. It’s called The Divine Mercy and it’s inspired by one of St. Faustina’s writings. gives a history on this picture and gives the following inspiration for the drawing:

To accurately reproduce the divine beauty of Our Lord was something impossible in Faustina’s mind. “Who will paint you as beautiful as you are?” she asked Him through her tears. “Not in the beauty of the color, nor of the brush lies the greatness of this image, but in My grace,” the Lord replied. (Diary, 313).

And now to break the typical rules of research and explain the colored light coming out of His chest by referencing Wikipedia:

The image has been depicted by a number of artists and it show Jesus raising his right hand in a gesture of blessing and pointing with his left hand on his chest from which flow forth two rays: one red and one white (translucent). The depictions often contains the message “Jesus, I trust in You!” (Polish: Jezu ufam Tobie). The rays streaming out have symbolic meaning: red for the blood of Jesus (which is the life of souls) and pale for the water (which justify souls) (from Diary – 299). The whole image is symbolic of charity, forgiveness and love of God, referred to as the “fountain of mercy”.

We serve a gracious God. One who paints Himself with the colors of mercy and grace.

Crazy, isn’t it?


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