Lidia’s Baptism

Awhile back I wrote about a very powerful baptism I witnessed at Somerset Beach Campground. Well this past Sunday I got a chance to witness yet another one in the same location.

Now that’s the abridged version of the baptism. What you didn’t see is what happened after the video faded out. She fell to her knees and began weep and laugh quite ecstatically. It seems to me that this is the spiritual phenomena she gets hit by most often. It’s kind of like holy laughter.

But the people watching the baptism weren’t quite so familiar with such things so I’m not sure they understood what was going on. Then again, I don’t know that I knew either! Perhaps it was just emotion, perhaps it was God—either way, I know it was spiritual.

But I guess my mom had heard that I dropped her (which I think was a joke, though now I wonder). And I just want to say that I didn’t drop her! I have strong arms! Muscles beyond compare!

Well… at least some Jamin in a parallel universe does. He’s quite beefy. I’m sure of it.

Anyways, the lake went quiet for probably about a minute or two while we waited for the weight of the emotion to lift. And then, after she rose to her feet Pastor Mark and I walked her back onto the beach as many more came into the waters to be baptized.

Lidia, if you’re reading this: congratulations.

There is Life in the River.


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