Crazy Lightning

The midnight showing of Cowboys and Aliens had just ended and it was time to make the drive back to Chelsea. And it may have just been the most epic drive of my night. The entire way home, lightning lit up the sky. I pulled out my camera to record it.

I got home at 3 in the morning, opened the garage and just stood there and watched. Jodi called to make sure I was home safe. I told her I was staring at the storm and how awesome it was. I watched the power of our entire court flicker on and off three times before turning off completely.

I even tweeted a picture with my phone of the storm. Now my phone does not work well in the darkness at all, so you know the lightning was bright if you were able to see anything at all:

And here’s the amazing pic:

I know, amazing right? Not… But still, it was much brighter than ever before. And I’ve found that there’s something about storms that really makes us Christians think about God and all of his crazy massive awesomeness. In fact, a friend just made a post about it recently. And now here’s mine in which I shall read to you Job 38 while you watch a bunch of clips spliced together of some of the lightning flashes I saw while driving home and from my garage:

And here’s my friend’s video as well to prove my point:


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