Apollos: Healing Session 2

Today we narrow in on healing within Jesus’ ministry. How did he do it? What stood out in his healing escapades. How can we learn from it?

This week comes in video form as the lesson is a bit more visual than usual. That being said, the video is below. And if you didn’t download it last week, here’s the handout we are looking over during this video. You can also catch up with healing session 1 here.

If you’d rather listen to the MP3 despite the video above, you can also download the MP3 via the Apollos podcast on iTunes. HOWEVER, my podcast bandwidth may be over this month. Therefore, you will probably have to wait until next month to download it so it really would be best to watch the video above.

NOTE: If you visit the podcast on iTunes and the latest MP3 is not on there yet, do the following:

  1. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes
  2. Go to the podcast section in your library
  3. Right click on the Apollos podcast
  4. Click on “update podcast” on the pop-up menu
  5. The latest MP3 should begin to download

If for some reason this doesn’t work, the latest MP3 will show up on iTunes fairly soon when it has refreshed the RSS feed. if you want it immediately, just download it here.


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