Last Christmas Standing

I don’t know if you’ve seen Tim Allen’s new show Last Man Standing at all, but so far it has been pretty funny. This past episode was an especially good one on forgiveness. I never really watch it expecting to think, but this one at least engaged my thoughts and had me cracking up at the same time.

There’s one conversation in particular about mid show that had me laughing out loud and wanting to include it in my next message on forgiveness (and imagine this being said somewhat jokingly incase you can’t catch it in the text):

“Dad, I was sort of thinking, you know you make everyone go to church every week and listen to sermons about forgiveness.”


“So… maybe you should just forgive Ryan.”

“(Scoffs) That’s what you take away from church? Forgiveness? Wow. What about the vengeful God? All that Isaiah stuff, huh? Rain toads on people. Rivers into blood, harden the heart of the pharaoh. How come that didn’t sink in? That’s my God.”

“Not mine.”

And so if you wanna crack up and think about forgiveness a little bit, check out the latest episode. You can currently watch it for free on Hulu or buy it on iTunes.

Speaking of Christmas, here’s a little random Christmas gift from my friends and I:


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