Professional Intimacy

I recently bought a year round subscription to which not only allows me to see everything that happens at Bethel Church, but it also lets me watch every conference that Bethel hosts. Yesterday I was watching their 2012 Spring Leader’s Advance conference webcast and Pastor Bill Johnson said something that really stuck out to me and stayed in my mind throughout the day. I wasn’t able to finish the webcast, so I kept the window up so I would remember to watch it later.

And then after arriving at church today, I turned my computer back on and went to jam on the drums for a few minutes. While I was jamming, my computer loaded up the video and started playing it. I walked into my office right in the same part of the message that stuck out to me, so I figured I’d toss it your way:

So much ministry we try to learn in the busyness of life—in the busyness of ministry. You know, miracles are important for us. I mean, I’ve lived without them, I’ve lived with them. I’ve decided living without them is way overrated. It wasn’t near as fun as they promised. I’m just not willing to go that way anymore.

I’m thankful for them, but the problem is that people often times try to learn to hear the voice of God so that they can see miracles. And it’s not like it won’t work. You can develop a certain sensitivity as to how God is moving in a setting but—forgive the implication—but I refer to that as professional intimacy. And we do have a name for people who are intimate as a profession. It’s not appropriate for us to develop a sensitivity to a voice so that I can do something. So that I can accomplish something.

God let us pursue You for You.

Johnson, Bill. “Session 1.” 2012 Spring Leader’s Advance. Bethel Church, Redding. 30 Apr. 2012. Speech.


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