Parkour Cat

I knew while I was still working on The Prophetic Jacket I knew I was going to have write another book about the weird lessons God has taught me through cats. Now I know that sounds odd, but I am more or less convinced that God sent me one of my cats to teach me stuff.

Wow. I sound like a crazy cat lady.

However, I assure you, I am not… I think. I’m at least a crazy cat man…

Anyways: this past week I preached on the Good Samaritan because God brought it to my attention when Stephen and I came across a cat in the middle of the road that had just been hit by a car. I’m not going to go into too much depth as to what I learned because there will be a whole chapter on it in my book. Here was the condition of the cat by the time we had gotten him to the vet:

It’s been a little less than a week since I met this cat. Since his visit to the vet, he has been resting upstairs in my apartment. Last night I came in the room to find him sitting on the window sill, staring outside and sighing heavily. I must have pet him for 20 minutes just to see if he would finally warm up to me. And while he didn’t hiss, he wasn’t all that friendly so I eventually gave him some space.

A little while later, Jodi had gone to bed and I was downstairs playing some video games. It was fairly quiet and dark in the house when an incredibly loud sound came from the window behind me. It freaked me out at first but after about 3 seconds, I had somehow figured out what happened:

I turned to see Nahbor (that’s what I named him) look towards our apartment, as if to say:

“Thank you humans.”

He then turned and walked off into the night.



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