Beating the High

Yesterday I headed to the movie theater to see The Cold Light of Day out of boredom. Most people must have read to the reviews online because I was literally the only person there (that and it was 7:30 on a Monday night).

And while it wasn’t the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, it definitely had quite a fill of action in it. So much action actually that the movie was entirely unbelievable—my kind of movie! Yet, despite all of this, I sat there with my head in my hands, waiting for the movie to come to an end. Here I was, watching a pretty well-done 90 minute action movie, and I really wanted to go home.

And I’m not actually writing this to dis the movie, I’m writing it to dis myself.

I began to realize during my time at the theater (and came to more of a fuller realization of it tonight), that we Americans are really quite addicted to highs in all kinds of forms.

  • If it’s a movie, it better be the best.
  • If it’s a video game, it better be groundbreaking.
  • If it’s a new technological device, it better do things that nothing else has ever done.

Thus, a reference the iPhone 5. We waited a long time for this and heard lots of crazy rumors about it, and yet the big differences between it and the iPhone 4S are not all that important to your average consumer because they can’t see the inside of the device. Despite the amazing work Apple has done to shrink all of their technology into a phone a few millimeters thick, we yawn and frown that there wasn’t more.

We have a sickness and it comes from trying to jam all of these things into that God-shaped hole. Our favorite movie gave us a high that we compare every other movie too. Our favorite game gave us a new standard for future games. That awesome piece of technology must be far surpassed by the next model. We look to all different kinds of things and we battle the high that we experienced from all of them. That’s why we can turn on a good movie and yawn our way through it.

We’re addicted to finding the new high beyond the high we’ve already experienced. And I think that often times, when we’re bored, we decide to set out in search of a new high rather than fill ourselves with God, who truly is the only one that we’ll find total satisfaction in.


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