Loopy Preaching

This past Sunday evening I found myself gearing up to preach a somewhat difficult message—difficult because it hit on a lot of hot topic issues. I felt pretty firm in what I was preaching, but because this subject is often on my mind, I can get a bit fired up about it.

Right before the message I started feeling a bit loopy. It had been a long day with only about an hour of relaxation. Rather than try to straighten up, I kind of just let the loopiness do its thing and I left that night feeling like God had maybe brought it about.

Had I gone into that message being my normal self, I may have come across a bit over the top on this theme and then people wouldn’t have listened. But my strangeness added enough humor to the mix that I felt my little rant had enough seriousness and light-heartedness.

I shall call this the Spiderman balance. I’m telling you, the Ultimate Spiderman comics can get super intense, but manage to maintain that Spiderman lightheartedness enough to get a great balance.

What? I’m a nerd. Get over it.


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