A Banquet Invitation

What are words
But ambient noise in the volume of Your feast

A community of unmannered, reckless individuals
Unconcerned with the proper etiquette to practice before a throne
For such a place is out of their experience

Shiny floors and golden chandeliers reflect their dried out faces
Adding a glow of expense to their distorted image
A sparkle and gleam of which they do not recognize

These are the people welcomed to the banquet,
When those who were invited refused
Sacrificing a priceless moment of honor and dignity
For the countless harlots they had locked away in every room capable of holding them

Look at the guests
Look into their poor eyes and see a richness missing in your own
Look into their meekness and find an inheritance bigger than all of your wealth and pride
See the peace they have in such an intimidating castle

They were sent a letter of love they could never reject
For they have nowhere else to be
No greater beckoner calling for them

They have tasted and tried of the poisons of this world
(And perhaps they will again)
But for now they feast on tasteful fruits
And drink from cups filled with expensive red wines
As they gorge themselves on bread and lamb

Have we chosen to pass on it all?
For reasons we may not even recall in a few days?

The invitation goes out yet a second time
Embroidered with grace and mercy
The Master awaits your response




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