5 Quarters

Following service, I walked into my office with a friend who had just gone through our discipleship class at 1208. My door was open and a few people came in and out as we tried to have a semi-private conversation. It was kind of funny. We had to keep pausing as people came in to look at my bright walls and LEGO sets.

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My favorite interruption was when a young kid came into my office and handed me $1.25. “Here’s my tithe,” he said. This kid has only been with us for 3-4 weeks, and from what I understand, he is not really familiar with church at all. I knew in that moment I held in my hand the offering of the widow, handed over with joy and passion.

It was a beautiful and difficult moment to live in. Here he was, throwing a little bit of what little he had our way with a heart of love, while I stood before him, weeks behind in my own tithe and taxes, flooded with medical bills (apparently labor and delivery isn’t free). There is probably no joy in my giving right now if I’m honest.

Let those 5 quarters remind us not just where our money should be, but where our hearts should be.


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