The God Who Gives Us Twizzlers

If you have kids, you know it’s not always easy to get them to sit down at the table and eat—especially when you have to pull their games away from them first.


Beckett’s not particularly good at Mario Maker—he just presses all the buttons randomly with little understanding of what he’s doing—but if the Infinite Monkey Theorem truly holds any weight, I suppose he could eventually beat a level, given enough time.

Sometimes he gives us the gamepad nicely, other times he fights over it. I don’t know if it was the fact that the dinner I made was horrible, but on this particular night he was not for cooperating. So he had to sit in time out for a bit.

Several times…

And for whatever reason, he thought this would be a good time to ask for a, “Twizzler?”

“A Twizzler?” I replied. “You don’t get rewarded for being bad.”

Then a stabbing thought came into my heart—one of those thoughts that you later realize was the soft voice of God. (Actually, I don’t even know if it was a thought. Were there words?)

Whatever it was, it came with a sudden knowing that God is good to us regardless of how we live. We do bad stuff and God is still good to us. We’re put in time out and we’re still offered a snack. It’s not necessarily that he rewards us for doing bad, but rather that He just loves us regardless of how we act, simply because He is good.


Karma is not the Christian God’s way of doing things. If we truly live out the Sermon on the Mount, bad things won’t happen to bad people, nor will good things necessarily happen to good people. It’s simply not the Kingdom way of doing things.

Our God is a God who gives good gifts, even when we don’t deserve it. He is the God who gives us Twizzlers, even when we’re in time out.



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