Pride: My Boss Monster Downfall

Ouch. My pride.
While playing a mega edition of Boss Monster tonight with a bunch of expansions, I landed the greatest cards and still lost. If you’ve played, here’s the steps of how 3 cards allowed me to break the game:
  • Discard 2 room cards to reuse an old item card.
  • My boss allows me to take any discarded room cards.
  • So I get to take my discarded room cards back anyways.
  • I keep reusing an item that lets me discard people’s best rooms.
  • After I discard their best rooms, I get to take those too.
I laughed so hard every turn at how evil I was being, yet my pride was my downfall when they all ganged up on me to disable my entire dungeon just for one turn. Somehow, that one turn was enough to destroy me.
I could have avoided it, but I was so far ahead of myself because I thought I was invincible. Oh well. Lesson learned. And at least there was pizza. So everyone kinda won in the end, I guess.

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