What Worship Music Does

I once heard one of my favorite pastors belittle worship music to being a way that we plug into “the story” of God. That doesn’t seem to do worship music justice for me. Sure, the story plays a part in it, but to me that feels far from being the sole characteristic.
Crazy things seem to happen in the spiritual realm when worship music is played. With music, David used to fight the demons inside Saul. Within the music of the Psalms, David used to prophesy. As a giant band played music at the grand opening of the new tabernacle, the presence of God entered so thickly that the priests couldn’t even stand.

If you go to Pentecostal services today, the most intense movements of the Holy Spirit are found accompanied by worship music. His presence almost seems intensified in those circles because of how authentically and passionately people worship him in the music.

Worship music tells story, but it’s so much more than that. With it we encounter God and the Kingdom of Heaven becomes real around us. God is there in it, waiting to meet us if we are open. 


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