For Kevin and Janae’s Big Day

My wife and I like to mentally hook single people up at our church. Kevin and Janae were one of those couples. It was like watching a sitcom, every Sunday ending on a cliffhanger. I can’t wait for next week’s episode! I was excited when both Janae and Kevin mentioned to me separately that there was someone they were currently interested in.

Yes, this is gonna work out! I thought. Wait… unless… unless they both mean they’re interested in someone else!!! OR EVEN WORSE! Maybe Kevin likes Janae but Janae’s into some unknown dude back at college! SO MUCH TENSION!

And then, during one of the episodes, my friends from Chelsea Free Methodist called and asked me if I knew of any good worship leaders because they were looking for one. “Uh… well, I think Kevin’s got some good potential, but… you know… he’s at our church right now… playing in our band, so…”

But you all know what makes a good cliffhanger for season one, right? Inevitable betrayal. Kevin left to “follow after God” (I guess) and left not only our church, but Janae behind! Oh no! Would their paths cross again in season two!?

Fortunately, my wife and I were right all along. They were totally into each other and were getting to know each other better back on the campus of Spring Arbor University throughout the week. Look, I was surprised that they had lives outside of church too, trust me—but I was happy they did, because when the episode aired that they had finally hooked-up, we got the good mid-season 2 finale we were looking for.

I’ve gotten to know Kevin and Janae real well over the years. I knew Kevin when he was still a wee little lad (well okay, wee-little has never really been the right word for Kevin). Back then he was always trying to butter me up all the time because he thought I was cool for playing a guitar and being in a band. He ended up learning guitar himself and now I’m the one who’s like, “Hey man, how do you do solo like that again?” To date, he’s still one of the nicest people I know. He’s one of those like, so-nice-to-you-at-all-times kind of people that you’re never really sure if he’s human or a Ken doll, but that’s what makes him so special. God has made him kind beyond belief. 

The man has class, and he has chosen well. (After all, he has chosen the one my wife and I picked out for him.) He has chosen one of the most talented people I have ever met—a person who can literally see the depths of music in her mind, call out any note just by hearing it, and still somehow stay quiet enough as to not call out my flat guitar tuning every two seconds. Kevin has found favor in a girl who, like himself, has a deep, deep drive for God. A girl who despite her indecisiveness and shyness, is willing to make a spectacle of herself for Jesus, which I can speak into her whether she sees it in herself or not.

I believe these two will do great things for the Kingdom of God in their ministry and their marriage and I ask God in His unifying of their spirit’s with His own today, that he would bring fresh anointing on them. Today is a special day for many reasons.


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