Moana Hits Close to Home

Spoilers ahead…

I saw Moana for a second time tonight with a bunch of family and friends and somehow found it even more satisfying the second time around. The first time moved me, but the second time somehow hit me harder, even bringing me to tears a few times. (Fortunately I was sitting behind everyone so I could cry freely.)

Here’s two that really hit me. 

The Head and the Heart Short

The short before Moana is gold. Not only does it encourage those who live in constant anxiety, but it so perfectly shows the disconnect many of us have between our head and heart. I’ve preached about this a lot over the years. Recently we even had an altar call at church for those who felt they needed Jesus to move from head to heart and quite a few replied. The short showed clearer than anything else I’ve seen just how strong that disconnect can be. 

The Ocean

Again, spoilers, but towards the end of the movie there’s a scene where Moana gives up on her calling, and it’s painful to watch. The ocean (a character itself in the movie) has called Moana off of her island to complete a task that’s bigger than herself and truly seems impossible to complete. In this scene she gives up and tells the ocean that it chose the wrong person. It must have all been an accident and it needs to find someone else to take on the mission. 

I’ve found myself in this place many times in ministry. “God, I think this is all just coincidence. I originally thought you called me here, but maybe it just worked out that way. Maybe there’s someone better and you got the wrong person.”

That’s just a more open side of how I feel sometimes. It varies. Other times I know I’m doing what I need to be doing. This is one of those scenes that can bring you to your knees if you can feel all that Moana is feeling. Especially for that brief moment where she does give up and the ocean allows her to do so.


One thought on “Moana Hits Close to Home

  1. The last line you said. “For a brief moment she gives up and the ocean allows her to.”…. What a picture of God’s grace and patience as we often times muddle through life. Thanks for sharing pastor.

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