Jodi: GF Extraordinaire

Have you seen the girl with hair like this?

I have. I saw her yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that. And on skype the day before that. In fact I’ve seen her a lot over the past almost-3-years.

Her name is Jodi and she happens to be my girlfriend (and she is an amazing one at that!). She’s sweet, kind, beautiful, has awesome hair and style that you only wish you had. She likes talking, reading, eating Jet’s pizza, designing things, cutting hair, and being altogether awesome. In fact, here’s a few shirts that she has made:

But there’s another awesome attribute that she has that I just don’t get: she is forgiving.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever dated me (you haven’t), but I’m pretty stupid. In fact, when I was born my parents almost decided to name me Fernando the Stupid.

That’s not true. My parents love me. But I was apparently a fat baby so maybe they would have called me Fernando the Fatness.

But seriously though—I do a lot of stupid things. And it’s in these situations that when I look to Jodi, the last thing I expect from her is love. But over the years, she hasn’t given up on me. Instead, she’s shown me part of the Gospel in a way that few have ever done: she has shown me unconditional love. And she has done so to a degree that no one else has.

She’s stuck with me through my stupidity, day in and day out and has forgiven me time and time again. On top of that she has loved me the same every day. She has given me something physical to identify God with.

I have even taken advantage of her forgiveness like I have God’s, and she’s loved me nonetheless.

She is a person one could only dream about. I know, I’m being a cheesy, but love gets that way sometimes.

Jodi, I love you. And I just want to say thanks for showing me God in a way that you may have never noticed. On top of that, you’ve shown Him to me in a way that every person wants to know Him as. Which brings me to you dear reader:

I know you’ve walked into church week in and week out and have left time and time again feeling like slime. You haven’t been able to sift past your own unrighteousness to find the unconditional love of God whom loves you as you are. It is that love that will inspire you out of the muck. It is that love that will perfect you. It is that love that will carry you. Sure, that love may come with conviction at times to help you out, but conviction itself stems from love.

It’s unconditional. It never changes. His grace is new every morning. It is everything you’ve ever wanted and it’s the only thing He’s ever going to give you. So live in that. Because that is reality.