Spirit-Led Worship

I got a chance to preach about letting the Holy Spirit invade our lives and church services at Revive Worship Conference this past week. Thanks to Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church for having the video available.


Apollos: Introduction & History

We had our first Apollos class last night. If you wanted to make it but could not, I’m podcasting it so you can keep up with us. You’ll want to grab two things: the MP3 of our discussion, as well as a PDF copy of my Introduction handout. So grab either a copy of the high quality PDF  or the reduced quality PDF (they actually look almost the same but there is a 25 megabyte difference).

I will try to get the podcast onto iTunes so you can subscribe to it for free there. But at the moment it is in the process of being moved there. For now you can keep up with the MP3 podcast here. But check back here for the PDFs that go with each week.