Late Night Worship: Joy Edition

We designed a service at 1208GREENWOOD that has very little planning involved. It starts at 9 at night and ends 2 hours later. The band shows up last minute, plugs in their instruments and plays through whatever 10 songs or so were chosen beforehand without any practice. For some churches this is every worship leader’s nightmare, but for us it’s a thing of spontaneity, freedom and beauty.

This past Wednesday I had to sit in on drums, which meant I had to find someone willing to lead the music. I called up my good friend Dan Prout, who leads worship at another church down the road. He agreed and took us into the holy of holies.

About half an hour into the set, holy laughter hit a few of the worshippers. Every time we ended a song, you could hear people cracking up loudly over our guitarist’s foot-pedal-ambience.

Now I’m not one who screams or cheers loudly at any event. I usually clap my hands while giving a quiet, high-pitched “woooooo.” But one point during this session of late night worship, I could not help but feel this desire bubble up inside of me to yell, “YEAAAAAHHHH!!!”

While I do have some Pentecostal blood in me, I am not typically one who makes a lot of noise like that. In fact, I’m sometimes confused as to why other people in the room do such things. I’m not put-off by it or anything, I just never really understood it.

Until now.

There it was—this noise deep within me—and I just wanted to let it out, right then and there in that quiet moment we were having. I ended up waiting until I was smashing some cymbals to finally let it out, but it felt good. On top of this, this screaming desire came on a night where I wasn’t even feeling particularly focused in worship, perhaps making it all the more genuine.

This service presented many people with a great experience of God’s joy—something that I sometimes lose behind the seriousness of slow, meditative music (not that such music is bad or anything). I now have a better understanding of how the Holy Spirit manifests joy in our lives at times.


Children Leading Worship

Children leading worship eh?

Not even joking. This morning I watched tiny little tykes lead worship.

God has been doing a lot at the church I’ve been helping out with lately and they are ready to take their city for Jesus. But in order to do that, God has to first take them. And today He did so, by empowering two children to lead the worship.

Here we are, playing music when these two children, a girl and a boy, out of nowhere start running around the front of the room. They continue running back and forth and the next thing I know, they’re holding flags and praising God by running around and waving them. And then after our first song stops they start yelling at the top of their lungs “JESUS!!!”

They were completely unashamed of what they were doing and continued screaming His name as everyone else joined in. Then the next thing I know they’re running around with tambourines! Then the next thing I know people are lying on the ground before God and these kids are covering them with prayer blankets. I might have even saw a kid stick his hand out and pray for one of them.

In my 21 years of living, I have never worshipped like these kids. And it became clear to me that something supernatural was going on in that room. God was breaking through and He was doing it through the kids and these kids gave praise to God in every form. And it was so evident that it was God because it just made sense with my Spirit. I knew there was something bigger going on here.

And later this was confirmed when someone grabbed a mic to talk about what she had seen. God had opened her eyes to the supernatural and she actually saw an angel with these kids, who was empowering and compelling them to worship in the way they did.


You know, maybe there’s angels around us all the time doing their thing, but in this moment I had recognized in thought and hearing that something was going on, and now I see that we’re standing with the angels praising God.

That seriously makes me speechless.

I almost don’t even want to continue because that’ so awesome to me, but so much happened this morning that I need to write it down.

God ministered to my specific needs this morning as well. Through song and through speech. He seriously just hit me and made sure I got the point. All of the songs really spoke to me about God’s love for me despite my sin. And then someone got up and talked about how she and others have had an “orphan spirit” in their lives. This spirit condemns and make people feel as though they would never live up to God and so on and so forth. Exactly the stuff that has been burdening the crap out of me as of late. So I prayed to be released from this orphan spirit and all the hair on my body raised up.

She told us all that we were God’s children and to get rid of that spirit and instead, allow the spirit of adoption into our lives. For we are adopted into God’s family and He loves us and we are supposed to live like that, not in condemnation.

And now, for all the other weird stuff:

There was prophecy about kids, ages 4-14 being key to what God is doing. That was evident this morning and prophesied before hand.

There is alo prophecy about college campuses getting ready to be unleashed. That is defintely something I hope to be a part of. I still got a year here at SAU, anyone care to join me?

Vicki, our band leader, answered prophecy by choosing songs that directly correlated to other prophecies, themes, and thoughts put on people’s hearts. And when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. I mean, she is plugged into what God is doing as are the other people, and because of that, there is unity between propechy and the answers that come to them. It only makes sense that if they are listening to God, there would be unity.

The pastor prayed for sickness and a lady was healed after having been to the hospital twice in the past week.

Someone else had a vision of our worship moving up to Heaven where an angel turned it into fireballs and threw them at strategic places where God would take over. This included city hall in Jackson I believe. I now would like to name a band “The Strategic Fireball Angels.” :P

We were standing under an open heaven this morning. I finally understand what that means for once. It means stuff happens. It means it happens because Heaven is over us and is being released. God was taking the church and it was evident by how many people continually grabbed the mic and shared a prophecy, vision, story, healing, or other various stories.

Also, the churches I’ve been to don’t usually spend 2 to 2 and a half hours worshipping and waiting for God to show up. But as they wait on the Lord, He comes.

There was some kind of word or prophecy spoken over our worship band about us going much further or something or other. That in itself must be a God thing, because this band was randomly put together to play one worship event at the church, and we’ve been there ever since, leading worship twice a week. Not what I had expected to happen, but incredibly glad it did.

Needless to  say, I am excited about the future.