Spirit-Led Worship

I got a chance to preach about letting the Holy Spirit invade our lives and church services at Revive Worship Conference this past week. Thanks to Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church for having the video available.


Free iBook: The Prophetic Jacket

After about a year of writing, I have finished a book I call The Prophetic Jacket. This book is my attempt to express all of the love, grace, and mercy that is Jesus Christ. I start with a story about a jacket and follow a stream of thought into all kinds of areas of Christianity, expressing God’s love in everything along the way.

You can download it for free on iBooks by clicking here. If you don’t own an iPad, iPhone, or iTouch to read it on you can download a PDF or ePub file by clicking here. You can also download the book on Amazon’s Kindle Store, but it will cost 99 cents there as I am forced to give it some kind of a price. You can also read it and download it for free on my Goodreads page.

However it is that you decide to download it, I would greatly appreciate it if you would still give it a download on iBooks, even if you can’t read it there. Every download helps me promote the book by moving it up the charts on the iBooks store. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!


1208GREENWOOD: Issue #6

There’s a new issue of 1208GREENWOOD. View the pics below (click to enlarge) or simply download the high quality pdf here¬†or the low quality pdf here.

COLOUR: A Free Photo iBook

Throughout the years I’ve taken a lot of pictures. I am by no means a professional photographer as any professional photographer would happily point out to me. However, my desire to take photos remains. That being said, I have taken some of my best pictures to create a book I call COLOUR. Why do I spell it as though I’m from the UK? Because face it: it looks cooler that way.

If you have an iPad, I hope you’ll consider downloading it here. Unfortunately it won’t work on an iPhone because there’s more going on than simple writing. But I do have a few other writings that will be coming out soon that will work on both iPad and iPhone.

The point of COLOUR is to captivate you with the beauty of God. He’s so amazingly beautiful and creative and it’s so obvious in absolutely everything He’s made. So again, feel free to download it for free at the link above. Here’s a few screen shots of what the book looks like:







Desperate Love

I’m no stranger to instrumental worship. I do after all listen to a ton of electronic music. But even that kind of instrumental music tends to have at least has some kind overlaying words.

I’ve been asked quite a few times in my life to make an acoustic piano album. It wasn’t until yesterday that I gave it a real shot. So here’s a song I recorded called Desperate Love. If people accept it well, perhaps I’ll finish the album which will probably be called The Intimacy of God.

A lot of my songs usually have words because I love to write worship lyrics to God. But as I’ve come to know more about worship soaking, I now see use for an instrumental worship album. And on top of that, Jon Thurlow just put out an album entitled The Anointed One to further illustrate that.

Anyways, here’s my song:

Glory Cloud: The Importance of Worship

We’re accustomed to doing things a bit different at our church and so this past week I decided to make a short documentary on worship rather than preach on it. That way I could get some interviews with some very experienced worship leaders and really explain the importance of worship through several voices. You can check it out below:

Special thanks to all the interviewees:
Adam Davidson
Austin Norton
Leann Pickard
Vicki Hong

Apollos: Prophecy

Both Moses and Paul wanted to see all of God’s people engage in prophecy, but many Christians today aren’t even sure what exactly it is. Even more so, most have no idea how they would go about practicing this spiritual gift. Learn more about prophecy with Jamin and the Apollos class at 1208 Greenwood: A Free Methodist Church in Jackson, MI.

Download the MP3 and the PDF (high quality or low quality) for this week’s discussion. You can also join the Apollos podcast via iTunes.

NOTE: If you visit the podcast on iTunes and the latest MP3 is not on there yet, do the following:

  1. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes
  2. Go to the podcast section in your library
  3. Right click on the Apollos podcast
  4. Click on “update podcast” on the pop-up menu
  5. The latest MP3 should begin to download

If for some reason this doesn’t work, the latest MP3 will show up on iTunes fairly soon when it has refreshed the RSS feed. if you want it immediately, just download it here.